Ioana Cristina Casapu is a Berlin-based writer and editor who has over a decade of experience in editorial lifestyle publications and brands. She has an educational background in Business Management and Communication, and a humanitarian approach to technology.


Originally from Romania, Ioana moved to Germany in 2015 to co-manage Berlin Art Parasites magazine, and later on worked as a senior editor and social media consultant for Thought Catalog (New York). Her writing has been featured in over 30 journals and publications. She has a blend of creative talent and analytical skills which has helped her cater unique and trusted solutions for over 50 companies and brands in New York, Germany, Spain, UK, Czech Republic, Turkey and Romania.


She is experienced in public speaking, creative coaching and demographic research, while her main areas of interest are writing, psychology, English literature and photography.


In 2015 she published a study about the psychology of modern dating, after spending five months on Tinder and meeting over 160 people in 5 countries.


Her first book is an X-ray of the Millennial generation.

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Built in the shape of a memoir, the story

centers around the life of a young woman

living life at the pace and intricacy of

the Millennial transformation.


I created Unsent in October 2017 with fellow writer Victoria Lucas.
Inspired by Chris Kraus’ “I Love Dick”, Unsent is a weekly storytelling podcast explaining modern love to people with the attention span of a gold fish.




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