I’m currently based in Berlin, working on a storytelling podcast called Unsent and writing a third novel. On the side, I’m exploring freelance opportunities within various realms. If you’re open to expanding your writers network, I would love to know more about the ideas that keep you awake at night.



I have a balanced combination of creative talent and business/analytical skills which has helped me cater unique and trusted solutions for over 50 clients in editorial, fashion, arts, beverages and film.



I have expertise at length in content creation for web and other digital channels, Google Analytics and AdWords, HTML and content management systems, social advertising campaigns, Photoshop and Lightroom, and proficient written and verbal communication skills with an ability to write clear, concise long form and short form copy.

As a writer, I have worked with over 50 websites and magazines. A tad obsessed with Facebook hacks, I published a memoir on how social media influences our offline lives.


– long/short form copy
– press releases
– original/branded content
– as many as 3 original, copyscaped stories a day
– psychology, technology, music, dating, arts, travel, interviews, immersive journalism, astrology and ghost write entire self help books.
– cover letters, fan letters and dark humoured resignation letters.


– Social media communities
Communication strategies
Copywriting/Content writing for social media platforms
Image curation for verticals
Social advertisign


– editorial management
– content curation (up to 200 pieces/day)
– content strategy design and creation
– social media upgrades
– brand architecture
– publishing consultancy
– brain fitness for employees who need a pep talk in the form of a motivational slap in the face
– explaining Modern Love for people with the attention span of a gold fish


a creativity enhancing program for adults based on a method developed by American psychologist Julia Cameron.
“Morning pages” is designed to help individuals connect with the unadulterated source of passion and joy that lies at the core of who they are, and learn how to maintain a natural curiosity when dealing with mental roadblocks.
The program uses a bundle of methods, including journaling, meditation, short story/script writing, and other techniques that promote self-awareness and self-assessment.

Read here all about the “Morning Pages” program.