Your Super Power Will Only Be Your Kryptonite Until You Learn To Master It
It takes kindness and profound self-awareness to break through one’s conditioning.

It takes kindness and profound self-awareness to break through one’s conditioning.

Did you know each one of us has a Superpower?


Yes, exactly, a Superpower. Just like the superheroes and superheroines that we’ve read about in fiction, flash fiction, and childhood stories.


If you knew you had that special Superpower, how would you use it to make your life the exceptional universe that is fully deserving of your time, space, love and attention? If you knew you had all the instruments and elements to design the reality you hoped for in your immediate setting, how would you attend to them? How would you utilize them to do good for yourself and others?


My friend, I am so curious to learn what Superpower lies within you.


Because we all have at least one. 


And it’s there, it’s ready to surface, it’s drawn from you, embedded in you, completely and authentically. It’s your blueprint, your Artist DNA.


Yet, most often than not, unaware of our Superpowers, we allow these gems to become our Kryptonite. 


To block our way to happiness, to conquer our achievements and make us feel unworthy of praise. We suffocate them under compelling emotions of fear and shame, which are paralyzing. We belittle them, and we belittle ourselves and our sense of self.


How does that make you feel?


Having a Superpower is easy. What’s essential is to fully become aware of it and integrate it as your source of passion, life, creativity, generosity, empathy, and love. Because otherwise, Superpowers cease to support our goals, our ideals, and our life mission. They become distant stars in our personal microcosm.


It takes courage to activate a Superpower. 

It takes patience and mindfulness to connect to your source.

It takes kindness and profound self-awareness to break through one’s conditioning. 

It takes a leap of faith in oneself to truly start living. 


The reason I’m writing this letter is that I am so profoundly thankful to have found my Superpower this year. And for a long time, I thought I was undeserving of my gifts because I was conditioned, through my upbringing, through my family, through my attachments, through the lens of society, that no matter how good I am, I will never be good enough to deserve my own love, respect, and appraisal.


And so, growing older in this fractured and conditional state of mind, I suffered from profound depression for over 15 years of my life. I didn’t know I am allowed to be angry, to walk away, to celebrate myself or that it was acceptable to live the life I needed to live. I thought that if I was happy, I wouldn’t be able to still write and help others. I didn’t dare express my true needs because I was paralyzed by fear and shame. I didn’t accept that I needed much less than my surroundings told me I needed in order to be fulfilled. I continued to entertain toxic relationships and connections with people, careers, and situations that were brutal and unnecessary for me to go through, but that had ultimately led me to this place of clarity, where I have conquered my Kryptonite, my fear of not being enough, of being undeserving, and found my source.

Illustrated by Livia Fălcaru


My Superpower is Strength.


The other Superpower I knew deep down I had was Making People Feel.


But when I was connected with my Strength, I felt finally grounded to the core source of nutrition in my Artist soul.


It took me 12 years to get here. To fully embrace my Superpowers and take charge to put them to work in my favor, instead of allowing them to decide my future, my relationships, my happiness based un unhealthy conditioning and attachment to things I knew, deep down, I didn’t need.


It took me 12 years to take charge of my Superpowers and to stop allowing them to be my Kryptonite.


It’s not necessary to spend such a long time discovering your Superpower.


When I realized everyone has a Superpower I knew I had to share this valuable information and do my best to help others connect with their source of life, creativity and self-love, and access all the world’s gifts.


And so, in February 2018, I founded Embody Through Storytelling, an innovative coaching practice based on the principles of artistic rehabilitation.


My goal has become help artists and businesses alike connect with their original source of creativity and alleviate fear, the emotion most commonly found at the back of stagnation.


By putting together my expertise, my studies and research of 12 years in the realms of storytelling, marketing, strategic planning, psychology, art and journalism, I have designed a structural program which is created to achieve sensible results in students or clients from the very first session. I work from the inside out, digging deep to uncover the source of creative energy in individuals, to structure their creative ideas into the projects of their life and to assist them to lead those paths continually to fruition.


The equation behind this is fairly simple:


Creativity exists at the intersection of 3 things we are really passionate about. If you draw a square on paper and add a passion to every 3 sides of this square, you’ve got what is called a VISION. But without closing the square with a fourth wall or element, that vision most often than not drains into a void, which ultimately leads to frustration and exhaustion of resources.


I like to think by making use of this profound constellation of passions, together with my students or clients, we find the real project that is fit to their core needs.


You need a vision, you need a project. You can’t have one without the other. You need completion. To make a mark into the world, even in your own life.


I like to think everything comes in squares, a personal reference to Carl Jung, whose theory I use as grounds for developing metacognition in creative recovery.


With this formula, and with a couple other formulations for creative rehab and emotional unblock I’ve successfully helped writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, teams, and simply patients in therapeutic recovery channel their ideas into passionate projects that are changing their lives for the better.


My goal as a patient of 10 years in psychotherapy was to be able to craft a new method, a new standard for where therapy and the arts can get people. My approach is methodic and has less to do with actual creativity and more to do with attachment theory, the study of emotions and ideas, and with systemic approaches to blend and integrate those assets in order for one to become broader than the sum of their parts.


Embody Through Storytelling works to recover creativity through the overcoming of fear and translating fear into art or work projects through a systemic and empathetic approach of one’s emotions.


Let me ask you today:


What’s your Superpower? 


What does it look like? What color does it have? How does it taste, feel and smell?


Can you visualize it?


If you can answer this question, you have the key to all life’s gifts.


And if you are not ready yet, remember patiently that it takes time to translate time, and when the right time has come, your Superpower will reveal itself to you and the others.


The day you connect with your Superpower and learn how to use it without allowing it to become your Kryptonite, that, my friend, is the first day of the rest of your life. 



And if you haven’t found your Superpower just yet, or you still need the tools and loving assistance to turn it from stone to the speed of light, I offer you my hand:


Let’s work together. 


This winter, together with my friend and digital marketing trainer Ruxandra Babici, we’ve created an excellence Masterclass in personal development, digital marketing, influence marketing and product growth, to distill the optimal support plan for entrepreneurs and storytellers alike who have reached the point of no return in growing their body of work.

This is Stories That Sell: the Personal Branding Workshop. 9th of December, Bucharest.


This class is for you

  • This workshop is dedicated to you, the new age professional, dreamer, and doer.
  • You are in the right place if you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or creative. If you are hands deep in managing your business independently. If you bring heart in your business and want to make a positive difference with your customers and build success for yourself. If you still sometimes struggle with personal doubt, creative block and overwhelm.
  • You are in the right place if you want to cut through the noise and spend your time where it truly matters to reach the success you deserve, instead of testing the waters. If you know the power of the digital world can amplify your success when used right.
  • This is your space to create a strong, authentic story around yourself and your work.
  • We created this experience especially for you and intertwined methods from transactional analysis, marketing, journalism, brand strategy, psychology, and digital communication.




You will learn:

  • To regain your inner voice and share your ideas with the world
  • To translate your business vision into powerful, persuasive and emotionally cohesive stories
  • To carve your space into the marketplace and identify your niche and ideal customer avatar
  • To communicate with your customer through the written word using emotion and empathy
  • To connect with your audience authentically and keep that connection strong.
  • To convert followers into paying customers without the help of a copywriter.

And apply what you’ve learned directly in:

  • Your brand story
  • Your website copy
  • Your blog content
  • Your editorial strategy
  • Your social media content across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Webinars
  • Sales pitches, proposals
  • Or even the book you dream about writing


Embody Through Storytelling is a loving, empathetic and solution-focused “emotional bootcamp” aimed at individuals who are looking to tap into their personal creative inner source, regardless the industry they work in or the walk of life they come from. 

Our classes have a humanitarian approach to personal and business development and bridge the gap between physical and digital realms by helping companies and individuals connect with their teams, their mission and their audiences through powerful storytelling.