Embody Through Storytelling

Creative Writing Courses for brain power, heart’s desire, and emotional healing

In January 2018 I set-up a school for creative writing and artistic rehabilitation. It has since empowered over 200 people in the journey of sharing their personal narratives into books, projects, scripts, journals, and creative businesses. 

How do I find the right words to share my story with the world?

How do I embody my experiences into writing that moves, AND sells? 

These are the questions I often hear from my future students, writers in the making, themselves.

The same questions prompted me to embody a life-long search for meaning into a powerhouse that merges the most of several worlds: imagination, structure, self-accountability, and vulnerability.

A loving, empathetic, and solution-focused Emotional Bootcamp

My courses are aimed to help anyone translate their vision into a story, a novel, a movie script, a personal website, a business avatar, and even a love letter to a deeply missed loved one. 

Narrate Yourself with Confidence

Many writing programs I attended were focusing too much on method and reenactment. I prefer to encourage my students to think for themselves, nurture their inner voice, and whittle down their anxiety when faced with their own inner critic, rather than the literary critic.  

Individual Mentoring

For groups and your team

Your learning journey with me


From the inside out

Our work together has a lot to do with your authentic narrative and how you translate both your emotional and analytical skills into stories.


Deconstruct to build

A strong story stands on four pillars: realism, creativity, authenticity and vulnerability.


Disconnect to connect

We tap into your what makes you you and challenge your limiting beliefs, your fears, and that critical voice inside your head.



This work is less about creativity and more about creating structure and uncluttering a too volatile, too big world of ideas.

from idea to conversion


Active listening

This is a safe space for you to express openly and gain self-confidence in harnessing your creative talents and skills.



You see the hedges, how I got it shaped up? It’s important to shape up your hedges, it’s like getting a haircut, stay fresh.



We uncover your life mission and enable you to drive that force through your own power. Everyone has a superpower.



Your story gains a life of its own once it reaches readers. How will you celebrate and integrate the feedback to take the story even further?

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