Business and Editorial

For these companies and customers, I have provided Content Strategy, Editorial Management, Social Media Management, and Digital Marketing services, both as a full-time employee, as well as on a freelance basis:

Goethe Institut, Thought Catalog, Berlin Art Parasites, Therme Group, AUTOR Magazine, The Attachment Project, Bildband Berlin, RADA Instal, Whiskey Stills Company, Jacobs, World Press Photo Festival, C-HEADS, IIOO Jewellery, You. The Youth Project, The Practice, The Group Communications Agency, Godmother Communications Agency, Annamaria Mikulik, FoodieBackPacker, Polaroid Originals (formerly Impossible Project)

Writing samples and features

‘Modern Love’ Editor Daniel Jones Talks Almost Relationships, Vulnerability And Dating In The Digital Age

Breaking Up In Quarantine Was Hard, But It Made Me Feel Less Isolated

What is poetry’s place in the digital age?

Being Alone Doesn’t Have To Feel Lonely

My Pubic Hair – A Tell Tale From Goya to Stoya

The Loss Of Intense Female Friendships In Adulthood

Failure is a cake we bake ourselves

The Story Of My Personal Berlin Wall

This conversation is missing your voice


HEART SPACES – An Exploration of The Human Core in Loneliness, installation, Berlin Art Week 2020, Monopol

A/PART of Me, co-author of a publication
documenting stories of love, loss and longing during the Pandemic isolation, ARTISTS ROOMS residency, 2020, Berlin

Emotion In Motion
(2017), Romanian Polaroid Photographers

Unsent Podcast, co-author (2017-2018)

Authored a study about the psychology of modern dating, after spending fifteen months on Tinder and meeting over 160 people in 5 countries (2015)

Published fiction/non-fiction

Art Connect
Tast Zine
The Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal, vol 5
Litehouse Publishing
Goethe Institut
The Heroine’s Journey by Peter deKuster
Dilema Veche
ELLE Romania
Glamour Romania
Revista Literatorul

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