A good story starts with yourself

I am an author, editor and immersive journalist who writes about love, immigration, and politics. My first book is a memoir depicting the way social media has influenced Millennials.

Over the last 15 years, my career has grown at the intersection of digital communication, storytelling and art, which is a constellation I’m grateful for.

Since 2018, I teach Creative Writing Courses for brain power, heart’s desire, and emotional healing to help people and businesses tell stories that sell.

I do that because many people don’t think they have what it takes in them to write a good story. A good story starts with yourself. And being yourself takes more courage than being someone else. But you can unlearn that fear and embrace that courage.

Slide in my DM’s, send me a shout-out, or some snail mail (I love snail mail) and we’ll conquer that.

Together, we Embody Through Storytelling.

Content & social media strategy

My content creation and content strategy practice stand on four pillars:



Disseminate the factual information and ideas that are relevant to their community



Use creative strategies to assemble storytelling that empowers people to shift from consuming an experience to jointly creating it



Establish and maintain a cohesive communication style, rhythm and tone of voice across all formats, channels and communities



Make sure their story reaches and impacts the community in affluent ways.

For these companies and customers, I have provided Content Strategy, Editorial Management, Copywriting, and Digital Marketing services: Thought Catalog, Berlin Art Parasites, Innovation In Politics Institute, European Capital of Democracy, Therme Group, AUTOR Magazine, The Attachment Project, Bildband Berlin, RADA Instal, Whiskey Stills Company, Jacobs, World Press Photo Festival, C-HEADS, IIOO Jewellery, You. The Youth Project, The Practice, The Group Communications Agency, Godmother Communications Agency, Annamaria Mikulik, FoodieBackPacker, Polaroid Originals (formerly Impossible Project), Still in Berlin.


Heart Beats – A Memoir of The Millennial Generation on Social Media (2019), English

Heart Beats is a deep X-ray of the Millennial Generation, a vivid depiction of the way Social Media has re-wired the way we think, feel, love, act and connect with each other in our relationships, friendships, daily lives and in our work.

Heart Beats captures the end of an era: the exact moment when social networks protruded into the Millennial generation’s life and changed the history of connection as we know it. This body of work has an underlying love story as a theme, developed within the lives of the many characters who hustle their way through post-university jobs, in advertising agencies, and in cafes in European cities, painting an evergreen picture of the young clubbing culture and the dating culture just before Tinder disrupted sex and courtship.

A psychologically charged memoir, which bridges or breaks the connections between its characters through Social Media mishaps, Heart Beats manifests the way our lives have profoundly changed as of the end of the 1990s, with the rise of modern communication technology.

Love Letters and Fan Mail

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Founded in 2018, Embody Through
provides Creative Writing Courses for brain power, heart’s desire, and emotional healing to help people and businesses tell stories that sell.

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